The Ayurveda Food

The Ayurveda Food

The Ayurveda FoodThe Ayurveda FoodThe Ayurveda Food

to bring back life

The Ayurveda Food

The Ayurveda Food

The Ayurveda FoodThe Ayurveda FoodThe Ayurveda Food

to bring back life

About Ayusla Cafe


Welcome to Ayusla Cafe

Ayusla Cafe caters the health and well-being through interesting Ayurveda-based recipes in the form of functional, preventive and curative food and beverages which are formulated and innovated with the application of Ayurveda Informatics, Culinary Science and implementation of Computational Gastronomy.


Community of Ayurveda, Scientists and Chefs

For centuries Ayurveda has emphasized the role of food in health and diseases which has gradually faded. 

Ayusla Café recognizes this need and had took the initiative of developing collaborative network that integrates Ayurveda Community, Chefs Community, Nutritionists and Scientists to innovate healthy, safe and delicious food and beverages.


Fresh, Homely and Delicious

We prepare all the food components at home and avoid packaged, industrially processed and synthetic food. We serve fresh homemade food and beverages which is completely healthy, delicious and safe to eat.



Rishi Agarwal, Co-Founder and CEO

Visionary, Entrepreneur, Innovator and Developer of Ayurveda Informatics, who has self-realization of creating the sustainable food system through preventive measures with the understanding of Ayurveda and Food Science. #SDG3 #reviveayurveda


Prof. Ganesh Bagler, Co-Founder

An interdisciplinary researcher and the pioneer of ‘Computational Gastronomy,’ the emerging data science that blends food with artificial intelligence. Prof. Bagler has an audacious dream of transforming the global food landscape through data-driven innovations.


Dr. Sangeeta Nehra, Adviser

Director, AYUSH Department, Provincial Government of Haryana, India. With specialisation in Dravyaguna (Herbs & Ayurveda), Yoga & Meditation, Nutrition & Dietetic, Panchkarma (Five Stage Healing Process) in Health sector, she envisions to promote preventive measures and revive Ayurveda.


Prof. Ashish Anand, Mentor

Associate Professor, Department of Computer Sc and Engg, IIT Guwahati

Research Interests- Computational Systems Biology, Clinical Text Mining, BioNLP, NLP, Machine Learning.

He understands the need in the development of computational approaches into Ayurveda and potential in its application in food and medical science.

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